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Creativity Backgrounds range of Photography Backdrops

Creativity Backgrounds stock a wide range of photography backdrops at very competitive prices for photographic and video studio use. Our wrinkle and crease resistant paper photography backdrops come in a range of over fifty colours, five different roll sizes and is the photography backdrop of choice for photographers worldwide. Our paper photography backdrops are ideal for general portraiture, group photography, product and industrial photography, pack shots and as a backdrop for stop frame animation. We also stock a range of classic patterned muslin fabric backdrops for those who prefer the look, and the convenience of a backdrop that is at home in the studio or can be folded for transport to location.

Paper Photography Backdrops

Creativity Backgrounds photography backdrop paper rolls Photography backdrops from Creativity Backgrounds come supplied on a rigid tube ready to mount on our backdrop support system or third party support system in your studio. There is no need to stitch or hem as with many fabric backdrops, and if the piece you are using gets marked you can simply tear it off and roll out a fresh piece, no need to wash or iron as with fabric backdrops.

In addition to the popular plain colour paper photography backdrops we supply swirl print seamless backdrops in blue and grey marble effect, often used as a backdrop for portrait photography and pack shots.


Chroma key Green and Blue Photography Backdrops

If you need to digitally insert a background to your studio shots then our chroma key blue and chroma key green paper photography backdrops make a very economical alternative to our chroma key fabric backdrops, suitable for chromakey video and photography.

Vinyl Backed tuf / flock velour backdrops

Use our vinyl backed tuf / flock velour photography backdrops, available in red,  black and blue,  in situations where you need less light reflectance than is possible with paper. The black is even blacker than the black paper, and the vinyl backing to these backdrops ensures they don't crease or wrinkle in the way cloth backdrops would (e.g. felt). Use the red and blue where you want a particularly solid colour backdrop but don't want the backdrop colour reflected onto your subject.

Varitone Backdrops

For a touch of extra luxury our ten shades of Varitone photography backdrops suit those situations where a little extra sophistication is required.

Classic Muslin fabric Photography Backdrops

For those who prefer a patterned background and the ease of transportation of a foldable fabric background we offer a range of classic dyed muslin fabric backdrops which can be hung or draped.

Photography Background Papers, photographic and video studio backdrops
Paper Photographic Backdrops
Swirl Print Seamless Background Paper, swirl print studio backdrop Swirl Print Seamless Photographic Backdrops
Tuf-Flock Velour paper or vinyl backed photography backdrop, photographic studio background
Tuf-Flock Velour Photographic Backdrop
Chroma Key Fabric studio backdrop, photography or video background
Chroma Key Fabric Backdrops
Varitone Graduated vinyl photographic background, studio backdrop
Varitone Graduated Photographic Backdrops
Background Paper roll Support Systems, photographic studio equipment
Studio Backdrop Support Systems

I am a degree student photographer who has used your backdrops for many years and can not fault them. I use the arctic white as a rule but have just moved into colours.

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