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Marko Dutka ‘Baroque & Roll’

Leading UK based fashion photographer, Marko Dutka has used Creativity Background Paper in his new photo shoot ‘Baroque & Roll’

Marcus Dutka - Baroque and Roll

Marko Dutka’s new work ‘Baroque & Roll’ takes as its inspiration the ‘Baroque’ or misshapen pearl. His stunning new portraits are from an ongoing project exploring, documenting and celebrating individuals in all walks of life who add colour, richness and diversity to our culture.


Marko Dutka, as well as being a photographic artist, is a successful fashion, portrait and wedding photographer. Since starting his photographic career in late 1999, Marko has worked internationally for a variety of clients. He received a Fellowship from the British Institute of Professional Photography in 2009 and he has been published nationally and internationally. Since 2004 he has won 36 major photography awards. He was nominated for the British Professional Fashion Photographer of the Year in 2006 and his work has been exhibited widely including the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) ‘Through the Lens’ exhibition in 2008 and with the Royal Photographic Society.

Baroque & Roll (Baroque – the misshapen Pearl)

The pearl, beautiful in its organic uniformity is a symbol of perfection that relies on its conformist relationship with its partners for its full sensation. Baroque or misshapen pearls don’t hang well together. They can’t be forced into clusters and their beauty relies upon hanging separately, claiming all their own attention. Thus with individuals and their dress. The people photographed in this exhibition reject the branded culture and conformist individuality of the high street. These individuals hang separately, revelling in playing with a language that they create themselves, dancing across the boundary between the group and the individual.


As with all rule breaking there are degrees of separation. We live in a culture of diversity that is actually composed of ever decreasing circles of conformity. In our most individual condition of nakedness we are at our most conformist, simply the animal. Even here there are those who, through exercise, incision or ink, are simply not satisfied. Through imagination and design we can display our relationship with each other and ourselves. These images are from an ongoing project exploring, documenting and celebrating individuals in all walks of life who add colour, richness and diversity to our culture.

For More information on this and forthcoming exhibitions at the James Hockey & Foyer Galleries, UCA Farnham click here http://www.ucreative.ac.uk/galleries/exhibitions/2011/marko-dutka

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