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Interview with photographer Ashley Ide

baby_1b-s.jpgAshley Ide was our 10,000th web customer. To celebrate this landmark we asked him to tell us about his photography.

Have you always been a photographer?
I have only started photography in the last year and launching my business in October, before photography I was a team leader in care for the elderly and have done many health related jobs, which I had to give up due to ill health but I have found something I can now really enjoy and work alongside my health needs too which is an added bonus.

What got you into photography?
I got into photography after my 4th son was born last year and I wanted to capture every moment and treasure those special moments, I also had a keen interest in wildlife photography and the extra time I had meant I was able to get out there with my new camera.

Image by Ashley IdeYour photography of children is such fun, lots of energy and very creative, how do you keep the energy going in the room?!

I love to capture children as naturally as I can, I make a point of playing games, using things like bubbles and toys to bring them out of their shells as often especially in a studio setting they are often overwhelmed and withdrawn which makes for awkward images so I try to get them relaxed and come down to their level and quiet honestly become a kid. I have 4 boys so it's pretty easy really, being a kid is part of being a dad which helps with settling them relaxed and that's when they show their true personalities and that's what parents want me to capture

You've won lots of awards for your portraits of children. The photographs you have taken of babies look very classic and almost painterly, are you a lighting guru or is it natural light you use mostly and why?

Thank you, most of my recent work is studio lit as I don't currently have much natural light coming into my studio space unfortunately as natural light I feel is always better, much more challenging but more pleasing, its one area I struggle with and being part of the Guild of Photographers has enabled me to really hone in on my technical skills including meeting some great photographers such as Claire from Forever Memories that have helped me with lighting and given me great advice and mentoring on how to meet the judges requirements to enable me to win such awards. Natural light is obviously more pleasing as its softer but it comes with challenges as it always changes but it's definitely worth it if you can use it.

Image by Ashley IdeWhat inspires you as a photographer? Do you follow the work of other image makers? If so who in particular stands out to you?
Art, imagery and creativity has been something I have always been fond of since a child, I would always be drawing, doodling or thinking creatively, so when I came across photography I was in my element and wish I had found it sooner [you might like our sister company, ArtistPapers.co.uk]. My inspiration was from my kids and wanting to capture every moment as it's special and they grow up really quick. I also get my inspiration from some industry greats too: I love the work of Robin Long, but could mention many more, her use of natural light and super posing skills are something to definitely aspire too. I have a few friends that I have made on my journey including Claire Elliot from Forever Memories and Alyson Brimecombe from Kuya Bunso Photography, both of which are great photographers who have been really inspiring to me.

Image by Ashley IdeYou've chosen some lovely colours from our range, why did you choose the ones you did?
The colours I chose were inspired by some work I had seen done by Claire at Forever Memories and the lovely brown backgrounds she had been using were really what I wanted for my style, my style is more natural colours as possible and browns, creams, etc. are what I love and the style I want to give.

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