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Interview: Hoss Mahdavi, FBIPP, FMPA, QEP

Hoss Mahdavi by Hoss

Hoss Mahdavi was one of the first photographer's in our gallery on creativitybackgrounds.co.uk, and has continued to contribute stylish images which make great use of the range of colours and tonal effects possible using Creativity Background papers, and which can be seen on many of the product pages on this site.

Hoss is known to many in the industry, from photographers to editors, exhibition organisers to models!

We ask him in this month's interview what makes him tick in that inimitable way of his.

Madeleine by Hoss Mahdavi

1. We love your work! Would you class yourself as a glamour or social photographer first and foremost? Or both?!

I am mostly a social photographer and I try and bring the fashion look to everyday people who like to see themselves with the fashion or glamour look.

2. Have you always been a photographer? How and why did you get into photography?

My father was a movie star in Iran ( www.Mohsenmahdavi.com ) so I have always been interested in photography and movies and have been shooting all my life. My real interest was cars and so I studied automobile engineering to get to Formula 1 but I had to earn money here after the revolution in Iran so my brothers and I had a garage for 15 years. It was then that I met with my niece's teacher who introduced me to Watford Camera Club and I started winning competitions so decided i might go pro. An enquiry came to the club and that's how picked up my first wedding. That client is still my client.

3. You use a lot of colour and great lighting in your photography, why is that? What do you feel it adds to the images?

Thank you for the complement, I like to create impact in my images and two of the most important parts are the backdrop and lighting. as well as lighting the subject lighting the backdrop can also add to the impact of your image.

4. Do you have a photographer or artist who inspires you?

Richard Avedon, Bob Carlos Clarke and David Bailey are my main insprations.

5. If there was a flood tomorrow, which bit of kit would you rescue and why?

My computer and hard drives as they have my images on them. The rest you can buy.

6. What has been your favourite shoot and why? What happened that made it so memorable?

Funny that I had this question today from Katie who is doing work experience with us. I have different moments with different types of my photography. My greatest honour was meeting the prime minister Tony Blair, not for any political resons but for me to have got to that stage to be photographing a prime minister of England. Also meeting celebs through my press work that I do with our local magazines. Also some of of shoots with clients who have modelled for me and appear in my portfolios both on our website and Facebook. Hopefully more amazing moments will happen as I feel we grow all the time to do better and more exciting work.

7. How can people get hold of you? What's your website?

I am easily contactable, all the details are on my website or Facebook www.hossphotography.com People can also see the main things we have been up to on our blog which is on the website.

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