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Interview: Carl Davis

thumb_image_by_carl_davies.jpgCarl Davis is based in Telford, Shropshire. His combined use of coloured backdrops and such amazing styling and lighting sets his work apart in so many ways, and is an inspiration to many photographers. He has worked hard to set his portfolio apart, through the use of colour and direction, that we wondered what drove him creatively.

Image by Carl Davies1. Here are Creativity, we think you have a great style! You shoot with such a creative and stylist's eye, what is your starting point on a shoot? How do you start even thinking about what you create in the image?

I don't really have a fixed method for approaching shoots, sometimes I like to let a shoot unfold naturally or sometimes I plan, buy props, sketch a few ideas and then work away on the day until we get the shot I'm aiming for. Hopefully by being flexible in my approach it allows more natural creativeness to come through, it can be too easy to over think things and stick to something rather than seeing whats happening in front if you.

2. Have you always been shooting? How and why did you get into photography?

I've worked as a 3D artist for over 12 years and got my first camera 6 years ago when my son was born. I didn't really take it too seriously at first but eventually got the bug. By the time my daughter was born just over 3 years ago I had got my first set of studio lights and was shooting as often as I could.

Image by Carl Davies3. Your subjects range from glamour to kids, who poses the greatest challenge creatively and why?

Both have their own challenges, but I think family photography is a little tougher creatively. Parents can struggle to imagine the outcome of a creative shoot so often want to stick to the standard white background shots. I'm working hard this year to put together a larger selection of examples of the type of photos they could have.

4. Do you have a photographer or artist who inspires you?

There are lots that I like and that inspire me but I always forget their names. The only one that sticks in my mind is Bruno Dyan. I tend to remember images more than the photographer who took it.

5. If there was a flood tomorrow, which bit of kit would you rescue and why?

Providing I had my camera and probably my 24-70 lens I would be able to manage fine, well maybe a flash and trigger as well. Im sure I would be cursing that I needed another lens in time.

thumb_3.jpg6. What has been your favourite shoot and why? What happened that made it so memorable?

The victorian style fashion shoot I did has probably produced some of my favorite images, I spent a while getting the bits together for it and it all came together really well and produced a couple of different of different looks that worked equally as well.

7. How can people get hold of you? What's your website?

I currently have 2 website, my model/fashion site www.carldavisphoto.co.uk and my family and wedding website www.thelittlebigpicture.co.uk both of which have contact details on. or you could simply drop me an email to info@thelittlebigpicture.co.uk.

You can also see some of Carl's work in our gallery here.



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