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New Ella Bella photography backdrop patterns
Written by Ian Edwards   
Tuesday, 09 December 2014

ella-bella-background-2513_mc-s.jpgWe have introduced five new patterns to the Ella Bella™ range of printed photography backdrops and floors. These pretty printed light weight background papers are designed for newborn, baby and child photography but also have applications in portraiture and product photography. The new designs include Chevrons in four colours, a Hopscotch pattern and a four pack of the Chevron patterns

Dog Portrait Competition!
Written by Ian Edwards   
Wednesday, 09 July 2014

If you have a penchant for photographing pooches then hop over to our facebook page and enter our "Dog Studio Portrait Competition". Upload your dog portraits to our page wherever you see the competition mentioned or just tell us in the comment that it's a competition entry. Closing date is 31st July 2014. Details on our facebook page where you'll see we've had some great entries already!

"Bulldogs" © Alden Smith Photography
Interview with photographer Ashley Ide
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Tuesday, 20 May 2014

baby_1b-s.jpgAshley Ide was our 10,000th web customer. To celebrate this landmark we asked him to tell us about his photography.

Have you always been a photographer?
I have only started photography in the last year and launching my business in October, before photography I was a team leader in care for the elderly and have done many health related jobs, which I had to give up due to ill health but I have found something I can now really enjoy and work alongside my health needs too which is an added bonus.

What got you into photography?
I got into photography after my 4th son was born last year and I wanted to capture every moment and treasure those special moments, I also had a keen interest in wildlife photography and the extra time I had meant I was able to get out there with my new camera.

Interview with SWPP prize winner Didar Virdi
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Friday, 28 March 2014

Didar Virdi won 1st Place in the Print category at the annual SWPP awards 2014 sponsored by Creativity Backgrounds. A very successful wedding photographer with his own creative and distinctive style, we caught up with him in between him running his very busy practice. It turns out he started his career as a fine art painter...

Didar Virdi (1 of 4)-s.jpg


Interview: Simon Leach
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Thursday, 09 January 2014

831e-095-s.jpgVanessa Champion, our consultant photographer chatted to Simon Leach, photographer and industry specialist, to find out a little bit more about the former President of the AOP and what excites him about photography now.

What got you started with photography? When you were a wee bairn or later in life?

I got my first camera aged seven, just a toy but it worked.  I liked taking photographs but only family, holiday, places we went. But long story short, at sixteen having left school with little in the way of successful exam results I managed to get an apprenticeship. From there I have never really looked back and just keep trying to get better.

MPA Seminar Day
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Friday, 28 June 2013

MPA president Hoss Mahdavi demonstrated how he uses Creativity Backgrounds for Social photography at the MPA hands on seminar sponsored by Epson and Creativity Backgrounds. Attendees picked up valuable insights into creating social photographs that sell, and marketing tips to keep their studios busy.

For the demonstration Hoss Mahdavi used Creativity Backgrounds colours Cherry and Black, and we snapped him in action (iphone pictures - sorry!)

And here is the winner of the family portrait prize as chosen by Vanessa Champion of Creativity Backgrounds, and the prize draw winners Peter Searight and Richard Roscoe.

Behind the Mouse!
Written by Ian Edwards   
Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Julian Topper - Photo credit Megan Kerr @ Mill and Peg Photography

Mouse is a mystery/sci-fi story about a man who wakes to find himself in a building with a thousand clones of himself. Every move he makes seems to replicate or predict the actions of another clone. Can he escape what seems to be the inevitable? Or is he simply playing out the result of a pre-determined game...

Mouse is similar in style and tone to Bladerunner, Pandorum, Primer and Moon. All of those films also use sci-fi to magnify insights into human nature rather than as a gimmick. 

Filming on Mouse took place during August 2012 and is a strong example of low budget filmmaking... mostly one location, one actor and no dialogue. A very visual story which is epic in ambition but very achievable in reality.

Crowd funding

Mouse is a UK based crowdfunded production. Crowdfunding relies on many small contributions from individiuals and companies that cover the cost of the production which Creativity Backgrounds was delighted to have the opportunity to support.

Producer Justin Tagg explains...

Creativity Background chroma blue on set
Creativity Backgrounds chroma blue on set

"Just when we thought we had tied up all of our relationships with great, creative companies we come acrosss Creativity Backgrounds. They're so excited about showing how their papers can be used that they have supplied us with a roll of blue CHROMA KEY paper and BLACKOUT paper. I can only just begin to describe how useful this material was to us. The paper has been used as part of our blue screen setup to digitally extend out corridor whislt the blackout paper meant we could keep daylight out of the set and control the light with our practical lights from the inside without cutting any daylight from the areas we needed it (our briefing table and storyboard wall, for example). Thank you to all at Creativity Backgrounds! "

Interview: Carl Davis
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Wednesday, 14 March 2012

thumb_image_by_carl_davies.jpgCarl Davis is based in Telford, Shropshire. His combined use of coloured backdrops and such amazing styling and lighting sets his work apart in so many ways, and is an inspiration to many photographers. He has worked hard to set his portfolio apart, through the use of colour and direction, that we wondered what drove him creatively.

Interview: Hoss Mahdavi, FBIPP, FMPA, QEP
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hoss Mahdavi by Hoss

Hoss Mahdavi was one of the first photographer's in our gallery on creativitybackgrounds.co.uk, and has continued to contribute stylish images which make great use of the range of colours and tonal effects possible using Creativity Background papers, and which can be seen on many of the product pages on this site.

Hoss is known to many in the industry, from photographers to editors, exhibition organisers to models!

We ask him in this month's interview what makes him tick in that inimitable way of his.

Review of International Images for Science Exhibition 2011
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Sunday, 12 February 2012
Images in Science at the Houses of Parliament 2011
photo credit Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS 2011

Creativity Backgrounds were pleased to be asked to sponsor this innovative and exciting "International Images for Science 2011" exhibition staged by the Royal Photographic Society.

More so, as this is the first time for nearly 40 years that the RPS has curated such a front-line and progressive exhibition celebrating scientific and applied photography. The collection of images, I have to say, are amazingly beautiful. Indeed, some of the images are quite breath-taking, which, when you find out what some of the images capture, it challenges your established perception of beauty and appearance.

Expats: Portraits
Written by Tony Slaughter   
Sunday, 12 February 2012

A photographic essay by Tony Slaughter

My name is Tony Slaughter and I lived from 1985 to 2005 in Brighton, on the south coast of England, where I worked as a full-time journalist and part-time photographer. Then, with my wife Sharon, I moved to Paraza a tranquil south of France village of 500 people on the banks of the Canal du Midi in the Aude, France's second poorest department. So began a new chapter in my life - living more as a European and less as a Brit.

What I discovered, among other things, was the wide variety of European nationalities who had chosen to make their life in this attractive part of France. They were fulfilling the real meaning of being an expatriate : a man or woman who chooses to live full time outside the country in which they were born.

Nicole of The Hourglass
Written by Vanessa Champion   
Monday, 23 January 2012

Nicole of the Hourglass

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of interviews with photographers whose work with Creativity Backgrounds has caught our eye. This time it's with Nicole of The Hourglass™ .

Nicole uses a lot of colour in her shoots, including loads of our Creativity Backgrounds, and we were intrigued to find out a little more about her, her studio practice, and how she developed her distinctive style of retro glamour and burlesque photography.

Photographer Makes the Cover
Written by Ian Edwards   
Monday, 23 January 2012

Selvedge MagazineMarko Dutka is a regular contributor to Creativity Backgrounds and uses our background papers in his work. We were pleased to learn therefore that Marko's project "Portrait of Genius", in which Marko re-interprets the self portraits of old masters including William Turner and Titian, has been featured as a cover story in issue 44 of Slevedge Magazine .

You can see some of Marko's images from this piece in our gallery here You can also download pdf copies of the article from the links below.


pdf marko-page18
pdf marko-page19
pdf marko-page20
pdf marko-page22
pdf marko-page23

Jenny Potter Foundation School
Written by Ian Edwards   
Monday, 27 June 2011

Creativity Backgrounds are proud sponsors of the Jenny Potter Foundation School, set up to support teenage cancer patients.

photo132photo-s.jpgJenny Potter told us: "In 2010 I decided to set up a non profitable part of my business where I do photo shoot days for people who I feel have been through a lot in their lives and may need a day where they have something nice happen. I decided to put an ad firstly on net mums for mum's who would be models for the day.

When I received the replies I found that a lot of them had been through a lot from failed IVF treatment and lots more. So I through it would be good to do a day where the mum's felt special. I arranged with my make up artist, Rachel Short to do a photography day. The location wasn't the most glamorous of places and since this I have found a studio that I will hire for future days. We decided to invite the mum's with their babies/toddlers to a day where they had their make up done had a photo shoot and received a large complimentary photo. All this for free. For about 2 months before the photo shoot I contacted as many companies as possible to see if they could help me by donating some products, vouchers, samples, etc so that we could do goody bags for all the mums..


In this current climate returning custom is more and more important, so with this in mind, I am changing so much at Avant Photographic, in order to keep loyal customers interested in maintaining their family portraiture collection. Gone is the white hi-key background, here is the new colored background. Creativity Backgrounds are helping me to achieve my vision and keep customers excited by ever-changing trends and unique portraits.

MPA (se) Cherub Photographer of the Year 2009
MPA (se) Cherub Photographer of the Year 2008

Phil Burrowes
Avant Photographic